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Child with Wedding Activity Coloring Book The Perfect Touch for our Wedding
When we first started planning our wedding, we both wanted an adults-only evening reception. However, since there are 15+ kids in our immediate families combined, we knew that would never happen. Thank goodness for Kid Friendly Weddings! We decided instead to enlist the help of a few teenagers to provide supervision and Kid Friendly Weddings to provide games, activities and fun for our little guests so the ‘older’ guests could enjoy the evening. It worked out better than we could have ever imagined – thanks in most part to all of the fabulous activities Kid Friendly Weddings created for us! There was something to occupy all the kids – from molding clay for the 3-year olds to word searches and puzzles for the 10 year olds. They all had a blast! And their parents had fun as well! I can’t tell you the number of people who commented on what a wonderful touch it was for the kids – and helped them to feel included in the day. Best of all – we were able to enjoy our ‘almost adults-only’ reception – even with 15 kids!
Amber, Bride from Baltimore Maryland

Child with Garden Activity Sak Garden SAKs a hit!
The garden theme wedding saks were a hit at my wedding! Not only did the kids love them, but many of the parents thanked me as well. They said that the saks kept their kids occupied and entertained so they could enjoy the reception. One mother that had come from out of town was especially grateful that her kids were entertained at the wedding and would also have something to do on the long ride home as well. There were so many different things in the saks for the kids to do that it kept them busy the entire reception. What a relief it was to not have to worry about children running underfoot as we enjoyed our special day. Thanks for helping to make our wedding a success.
Holly Little - Bride, Missoula, Montana

Kids with Wedding Coloring Activity Books I danced with my husband!
I have a ten year old daughter and a three and a half year old daughter. I was so thankful for the kids wedding sacks. Even though the kids have vastly different ideas as to what is good entertainment, they both really enjoyed the sacks. The wedding activity book had stickers and pictures to color for the younger one, and puzzles that kept the older one busy. I was actually able to dance with my husband without worrying that the kids would be gone when we got back to our table. Great idea!
Sari Hettick - Sister of the Groom, Missoula, Montana

Children at the Wedding Brides - this is a bargain!
I ordered your Beach Saks for my Aruba themed reception and was completely delighted with the product your company delivered.  The kids felt like they were each given a special present and the Saks allowed them to be involved at our event at their own level.  Brides - this is a bargain!  It was the least expensive invoice I paid and worth every penny.  Our reception lasted almost 6 hours and every child was happy and well behaved.  Generally, that is something you cannot put a price tag on, but Kid Friendly has, and it's a fantastic deal. 
Cheryl - Portland OR



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